Raised in Bossier City, Louisiana Garrett Jacobs . Garrett currently occupies a unique place in today's country music scene. At 19 years old, Garrett Jacobs has made it a top priority to hone his skills as a songwriter and performer, which he has proven and showcased since

His sound is described as a cross between country, pop, soul and blues. Garrett had a multitude of musical influences growing up, from leading worship in church to the music that his parents grew up on. Garrett picked up a guitar and began singing at the age 11. During his senior year, Garrett got the opportunity to go to Hollywood for American Idol and he successfully competing in the top 14. Since then, Garrett has shared the stage with superstar acts such as Colbie Caillat, Riley Green and Jon Langston.
Garrett currently lives in Nashville, TN and is focusing on perfecting his craft in songwriting. Due to his engaging and die-hard fan base, Garrett released 2 singles at the beginning of 2019 and is currently working on multiple upcoming releases with producer Jason Massey.